Meet the Musicians

Dan and Samantha Smith have been making music together since 1991.

Dan Smith

Arrangements, Guitars, Lute, Bass Viol, Melodica, Voice

Dan started playing music in the late 1960’s. Over the years, he has played folk, rock, and classical music in a variety of settings. As a rock musician he has shared stages with members of such bands as REM, the Allman Brothers Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. As a classical musician, he has performed with the Mallarmé Chamber Players, was a founding member of the North Carolina Baroque Orchestra, and has recorded with avant-garde musician Jandek. He studied electronic music and composition at Jacksonville University and choral conducting at the University of North Florida. At the University of Georgia he studied classical guitar with John Sutherland, a student of Andrés Segovia. After many years and many musical experiences, Dan is very happy to produce what he feels is the best music of his career with his daughter Samantha in Music Across the Water.

Samantha Smith


Samantha has been making music with her dad for as long as she can remember. Her first musical memories with her dad are singing along to The Beatles’ “Love Me Do,” which she thought was referring to honeydew, and learning to harmonize listening to Emmylou Harris, The Louvin Brothers, and the Flying Burrito Brothers. Along with singing in Music Across the Water, she sings and plays bass in Alone Again Or, a 60s rock group with her dad and Edward.

Jennifer Curtis

Guest Violinist

Jennifer is a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and founder of the group Tres Americas Ensemble. Jennifer performs on “I Live Not Where I Love,” “Just as the Tide was Flowing,” “Daddy Fox,” and “Who’s the Fool Now.”

Edward Holm

Guest Guitarist

Edward is a musician and videographer. He plays bass in Uniontown and guitar in the 60’s band Alone Again Or with Samantha and Dan. Along with his guest performances on the songs “Who’s the Fool Now” and “Daddy Fox,” Edward engineered the violin recordings on the album.

Rosemarie DiGiorgio

Guest Alto Recorder Player

Rosemarie, Dan’s wife and Samantha’s mother, plays the featured melody on “The Sprig of Thyme.”